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Christmas Tree Safety


A decorated evergreen tree is a long-standing Christmas tradition. However, Christmas trees pose a safety hazard because they can dry out and easily catch fire. Here are 3 Christmas tree safety tips:

  1. Purchase A Fresh Christmas Tree. A tree that was cut too long ago will already have begun to dry out, making it more of a fire hazard. How to check if the Christmas tree is fresh:
      • Pull on the needles. They should be hard to pull back from the branches and should not easily break off.
      • The needles should be a fresh, beautiful green.
      • The tree trunk should be sticky when you touch it.
      • Bounce the trunk on the ground. If a lot of needles fall off, the tree is too dry.
  2. Christmas Tree Care.
      • When you set up the Christmas tree, set it away from heat sources. This includes fireplaces, heat vents, and stoves. Not only will the heat cause the tree to dry out, but a flyaway spark could set the tree on fire.
      • Do not smoke near your tree.
      • Don’t set the tree up too early and don’t leave it up too long. Leave your tree up for about 2 weeks total, if possible.
      • Make sure the tree stand is full of water at all times. You may need to check it multiple times a day. If you’re concerned about spills, you can add a Water Guard Christmas Tree Skirt that will protect your floors from water spills.
  3. Dispose Of The Christmas Tree Properly. When you notice that the tree is dry, dispose of it immediately. Check for local recycling centers or see if your community has a Christmas tree pick-up service.

If you don’t have time to practice all of these Christmas tree safety tips, you can always invest in an artificial pre-decorated artificial Christmas tree.