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FAQs About Home and Insurance Inspections in the Gulf Breeze, and Pensacola, FL Area:

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  • What is the “Home Buy Back Guarantee”?

Accurate Inspections of NWFL, LLC in the Gulf Breeze, and Pensacola, Fl, Area proudly participates in the InterNACHI Home Buy-Back Guarantee Program. If we miss anything during your inspection, you can have the home bought back! It is really that simple. Watch the video above or check out the details here:


  • Should I hire a retired or unemployed code official or building contractor?

It is common for out of work and unemployable building contractors, building inspectors and code officials to get into the home inspection business due to the ease of entry into the industry. These are probably the worst type of inspectors to hire because of their limited focus and inspection experience. They are full of confidence and concentrate on what they are experienced at but are not aware and educated like a Certified Master Inspector®. Also, who would want to hire someone who couldn’t hack it in their original profession? These types of inspectors raise many red flags.


  • What is the Accurate Inspections Buyer’s Protection Guarantee?

We understand that buying a house can be stressful! We understand that and offer a $100 discount on your next home inspection in the unlikely event you do not purchase the first house we inspect for you.


  • Can I attend the inspection?

Absolutely! We recommend meeting the inspector at the end of the inspection, if you have time. This is a valuable opportunity to hear from the inspector directly what safety issues or deficiencies were found as well as any useful maintenance tips. It is not recommended to bring children or pets, if possible. Our insurance and Standards of Practice do not allow anyone to follow us during the inspection as some areas of the inspection may be dangerous, but you may want check out the house while we are inspecting. Excessive distractions for the inspector will likely result in a less thorough inspection. If you cannot be present at the inspection, no problem! Our reports are very thorough and easy to understand with many pictures included. The inspector will call you to go over report after you have received it.


  • How long does the inspection last?

Most home inspections last 2-3 hours but vary based on square footage, age, exterior buildings/guest houses, crawlspaces, amount of deficiencies and other factors. On average, a home inspection lasts 1 hour/1,000 square feet.


  • Should I Perform My Own Inspection?

Inspecting your own home is not recommended. Home Inspectors are professionals who are trained to look for things you may miss. You need someone who is unbiased and not emotionally or otherwise attached to the home or sale of the property.


  • When Will I Receive the Inspection Report?

We guarantee the report the day after inspection but normally have the report by the end of the day the the inspection was completed. If you need report in a hurry, please let us know when you schedule with us. You should be cautious of inspectors offering inspection reports on site or very soon after inspection as those reports are not thorough and normally only meet the minimum standards.


  • How much does the inspection cost?

“Home inspections are an indispensable part of the home-buying process. Buying a home without one is the same as buying a car without even kicking the tires. Considering how much an inspection can save you by avoiding potential disasters, it’s money well spent.

–Dave Ramsey

Choosing an inspector based on price is one of the worst reasons to hire an inspector as there is always a less qualified, less experienced inspector that is willing to be cheaper. It is very easy to get a home inspector license in Florida, so a license really does not mean much. An Inspector that has a long and verifiable history of exceeding their clients expectations commands a higher fee than an inspector who is less qualified. The inspectors length of time in business, reputation, variety of services offered, qualifications such as Certified Master Inspector®, Infrared Certified®, state licenses (Mold Assessor/Remediator, Radon, etc) verifiable customer reviews, Better Business Bureau® ratings and reviews, any guarantees or warranties the inspector/inspection company offers, should all be considered before deciding on an inspector or inspection company. Please call or text us today for an individualized quote. 850-776-9686


  • Is the Home Inspection a Pass or Fail Inspection?

The inspection is meant to show you what needs to be repaired on the house and any safety issues that may exist. A home inspection is not a pass or fail type of inspection.


  • What Do I Do If Any Repair or Safety Items Are Found?

There is a possibility that repair and safety items may come up as a result of the inspection, this is normal. The seller of the home is not required to repair any of the problems that an inspector finds. The repair items can be negotiated before the home is purchased. We recommend hiring a realtor to help with this process as they are an invaluable professional resource (just like a home inspector) during any real estate transaction.




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